best exotic Japanese hairstyles 2018

Exotic Japanese hairstyles all over the world do not vary much. Most trend followers have their eyes focused on what known Western celebrity fashion icons and runway models will come up with season after season and imitate the hairstyles that appeal to them.

best exotic Japanese hairstyles 2018

But variations of these hairstyle trends influenced by a particular culture can also be observed. Japanese women are some of the most fashion conscious women in the world. And Japanese women have modified some of the current hairstyle trends to suit their particular taste.

Exotic Japanese hairstyles idea

The focus of the trendiest Japanese hairstyles is the front hair. Bangs or fringes are very popular with Japanese women. In fact 80% to 90% of Japanese women wear bangs, with short hair, medium length hair or long hair. Bangs are either worn long down the forehead, sometimes falling down the eyes or parted on the sides or middle to frame the face.

Short bob hairstyle is also a popular Japanese hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is the preference of Japanese working women since it is stylish, versatile and at the same time easy to maintain. A short bob hairstyle suits the hair type of most Japanese women which is straight, soft, lustrous and dark colored. Short bob hairstyle suits straight or curly hairs. Since most Japanese women are blessed with straight hair, seldom with natural curls, those who prefer a curly short bob hairstyle get a perm

Exotic Japanese hairstyles With Bangs

For medium- length hair, the shoulder length bob cut is also a favorite Japanese hairstyle. But the bob is usually paired with a fringe or bangs, bluntly cut across the forehead, almost covering the eyes or side parted. A medium bob is also cut bluntly across the shoulder or gently layered at the back close to the nape to give hair more volume and worn straight or with curls.

Japanese women love long hair and they really can be very creative with long hair. Black long hair with full bangs almost covering the eyes looks very exotic and exiting. Layered straight long hair with the top hair cut evenly to look like a cap over the longer hair at the back is a Japanese hairstyle that really looks gorgeous. Straight, curly, with full bangs, with side parted bangs, the possibilities are endless and Japanese hairstyles take full advantage of this long hair’s versatility.

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