Male Braids Can Look Cool!

It might sound awkward at first hand but braids for men are not something that is uncommon. It is especially popular among African-American men but not limited to them. When worn the right way, male braids can be stylish and trendy.

Male Braids Can Look Cool

Before you go about considering braiding your hair, you would obviously have to grow your hair long to begin with. The shortest length I would recommend would be between chin to shoulder length and the longest. well, I wouldn’t say there is a limit to how long you are able to go. This is because braids are known to work best with longer hair since the longer your hair is, the flatter it will appear to lie to your head.

It would be good to point out that you can actually male braids you hair in many different variations. Each of these variations has its own distinct characteristics to give you the classy and trendy look.

Corn Rows
Corn rows actually work to complement micro braids. Often, corn rows are used in the front section of your hair while micro braids on the back. Even then, you can weave your braids in many different ways – curly, geometric or simply straight. It might take quite a lot of time and effort to finish braiding your hair (up to 7 hours!) but rest assured the results are well worth it!

Micro Braids
They are sometimes also referred to as “invisible male braids” due to its small size. Most often used to complement corn rows in the back section of the head.

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