Most Appropriate Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle for kids should be more appropriate rather than fashionable. For one, most schools do not really allow very trendy and edgy Hairstyles for Kids on their students. Second, kids are very active and they need a hairstyle that will make them look neat and clean – looking in spite of their very hectic “lifestyle.”
Most Appropriate Hairstyles for Kids
Taking this into consideration, the most appropriate hairstyle for kids – boys or girls would be a short hairstyle. Here are some short Hairstyles for Kids that are appropriate for kids :

Hairstyles for Boys

• A crew cut – a crew cut is the most appropriate hairstyle for boys who are super active. This hairstyle will guarantee that the hair will not be all over a boy’s face or eyes as he plays baseball, basketball or any other sport. Another advantage of a crew cut for boys is that it really does not need any styling. A young boy will always look neat with a crew cut.

• Spiked hair – short spiked hair is a bit edgy but it is an accepted hairstyle for young boys especially teenage boys. These older boys are already quite particular about their looks and style, and a short spiked hair will satisfy both their styling preference as well as the need to look neat and well-groomed.

Hairstyles for Girls

• Pixie – a pixie haircut is perfect for young girls. It requires very little or almost no amount of styling and in fact it is a wash and go type of hairstyle. The beauty of a crop hairstyle like the pixie is that it stays in place in spite of all the activities an active young girl gets into.

• A short bob – a short straight bob with bangs is the typical hairstyle for young girls. It is a sweet and practical hairstyle that will suit almost any facial shape. It is also an easy maintenance hairstyle and requires very little effort to style. The beauty of a short bob is that it lends itself beautifully to being adorned with headbands, barrettes, hairclips ribbons and other hair accessories. , The idea behind a hairstyle that is appropriate for kids is that it should be practical, low-maintenance and at the same time pleasing to the eyes.

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