Square Face Hairstyles Ideas

Keira Knightley has a lovely face which can be a great example for some amazing square face hairstyles. So if your face shape is square as well, you can check some great hairstyles ideas from Keira Knightley.
Square Face Hairstyles Ideas

Long Hairstyle for a Square Face Shape

Keira’s long hairstyle is wavy and soft and perfectly highlights her stunning eyes and broad sweeping forehead. The wavy strands in front frame her face and the soft waves soften the lines of her face making it look round rather than square. Keira added as sparkly headband to the hairstyle to give it a more dramatic and romantic allure.

Medium Hairstyle for a Square Face Shape

This lovely young British actress wears her medium cut hair into an ultra stylish, neat and sleek hairstyle without bangs. It is parted in the middle with soft wispy hair falling on the side of the face and curving sweetly over the jaw, concealing the strong jaw line and framing her face lovingly. This is the perfect medium cut hairstyle for a square face.

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